Everywhere you turn there is a conversation about organizational change: transformation, disruption, incremental change, 4.0, future of this or that etc. However, there seems to be a deep divide between the engaging, interesting conversations on the vision for change and the reality of change in our organizations.

The reality of change looks more like a tapestry of frustrations, failures, repeats, IT not talking to the business, the business being mad at IT, employees shrugging and executives pushing.

Where is the disconnect? We believe the disconnect lies in a deep misunderstanding of the interconnectedness (yes that’s a word) between all the pieces in what we have called the Lifecycle of Change.

Change is not something to be managed. It has to be a coherent thread running through the organizational story from strategy to culture to adoption and back.

If we implement change we have badly designed, we fail.

If we design awesome change and implement poorly, we fail.

If we design like rockstars, implement like marines and leave out the adoption factor, we fail.

It’s a lifecycle because each piece counts.

Better design, better projects

Better projects, better change.

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