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In my quest to get women to find and amplify their unique voice, I’ve given myself the challenge of getting 1000 women from across the world to show-up on LinkedIn in a powerful and authentic way.

Let’s get you seen, heard and celebrated (oh and as a bonus, hired and paid). 

This is a month-long collective, self-directed, learning experience in discovering and showcasing your best professional self by using the power of LinkedIn.

Here is what this experience includes:

  • A LinkedIn training session. 
  • 4 modules. Each one given as part video training & part exercises
  • A Facebook group where you can learn from each other (this is where the action happens!).
  • A weekly Q&A live coaching on zoom
  • A challenge!!!



Here is what participants are saying

I loved being a part of these empowering sessions. In addition to the amazing learnings that changed my outlook on this tool, it was wonderful to be a part of a supportive network of women wanting to help each other. I have also gained incredible confidence with LI through the coaching sessions. I am super grateful for Bibigi's coaching, I am now able to take advantage of LinkedIn diverse elements, while having fun with it!
Bibigi broke it down into bite sizes that were easily digestible and I found myself confident to post only a few days after our first session! The group was amazing for increased accountability and feedback as well which allows for a quick rise in confidence!
I did not know what I didn't know about using LinkedIn effectively until I participated. In the few weeks, my profile and network engagement went through a transformation. Greatly appreciated
The other women in this program were inspirational! I was struggling with finding the time to update my LinkedIn profile and also wanted a group to work together with. I'm bolder about asking for connections to grow my LinkedIn network and have a better profile that reflects who I am and what I do!
This workshop brings you on a personal journey that translates on your LinkedIn profile and a more efficient use of the platform. It also expresses in other areas of your life. Bibigi's ability to create a safe welcoming environment, encourages an extraordinary sense of collaboration on the group, flourishing connections and a genuinely-care-giving exchange of ideas and mutual support.
1000Women1000Voices was so much more than I anticipated. What I got was not only a better understanding of how to use LinkedIn more effectively, but also a network of wonderful, smart, supportive women with whom problem solving on any topic becomes a joyful exercise in creative collaboration.
1000WOMEN1000VOICES is a vehicle to transport yourself onto social media in a way that works for you. As a bonus, you become part of a powerful community of strong, brave, generous women!

This I know to be true.

We as women, especially in high level organizational roles, rarely take time out for ourselves. We have time for everyone including our boss, our team, our family, our friends, our community. However, time for ourselves to connect or reconnect is very low on our long list of to-dos. Here is the thing though. Whether or not you take it, time will not slow down for you. You will be in the same place in one year, two years, five years. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have. If you want to be able to continue giving to all (of the above), you have to take the time for you.

The time to get to know the woman that you are

The time to get to know the woman that you can and will become

The time to understand her potential and her space for power

The time to understand what holds her back

And the time to embrace her struggles and watch herself grow

I developed ChangeLabs™ as a space for that time.

For you, but also with other women. Over and over women all over the world are telling me how important community is, and yet there are no spaces for women to grow and learn together.

Here is why this is important:

When you ask yourself if you are competent

When you ask yourself if everybody else knows what they are talking about and you don’t

When you don’t know what the salary of your co-worker is

When you smile and you feel like a fraud because your anxiety is out of control

These women will be there to tell you: I feel the same way. I am here to hold you because I am living the same thing

This program is designed to embed community. Supportive community.

And there is space for you and time for you.


ChangeLabs™ are collective learning experiences developed by We have come to realize that community amplifies learning and we have developed spaces to bring women together around subjects that will help you grow and develop how you show up in your career and for yourself.

These labs usually run for 4 weeks and are a combination of formal training, group coaching, and community engagement.

Here are our confirmed ChangeLabs for early 2021

  • Imposter Syndrome

I have come to think of Imposter Syndrome as the silent epidemic that we all speak flippantly about.
You’ve certainly heard it before: “Oh that is just my Imposter Syndrome talking”, or you might even have been the one saying it with a nervous laugh.

Every time I have offered a workshop on Imposter Syndrome to women it has garnered massive sign-ups.
Every time I have run a webinar, the chat has been alive with “Oh my god, I feel that too!”, “That’s me, that’s exactly what I do!”
The truth is Imposter Syndrome is rampant in the workplace, academia and entrepreneurship. It is not well understood and discussed, and it has severe consequences. Read more

Upcoming ChangeLabs

  • Developing Self awareness
  • Practicing Self-confidence
  • Influence and Networking


Participants testimonials

“This workshop provided so many insights and aha-moments. How exciting to take a trip down the destructive thought lane and emerge unharmed, wiser and energized because we had Bibigi as our guide. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared.”
Trade Relations Officer and Honorary Chancellor, Consulate General of Austria
“A helpful workshop about an under-discussed topic that affects nearly all of us, with real life coping strategies on how to combat impostor syndrome.”
Anonymous participant
“Bibigi is a thoughtful and effective facilitator who is a master on the topic of imposter syndrome. She makes everyone feel at ease and offers a lot of food for thought. An excellent investment of time!!”
McGill University - School of Continuing Studies
“Inspiring, insightful, a workshop that not only women but also men should attend.”
Anonymous participant

One on one coaching

Sometimes all change needs is a focused intentional conversation.

If you know you want and need one on one time to go deep on areas where you feel stuck, I am here to hold space for you.

Self-awareness, mindset and courage. Let’s put this powerful recipe to work for you.