Corporate Offering.

Statistics say


For every 100 men that were promoted to manager, there were 79 women, this led to a situation where 62% of manager positions were held by men and 38% by women.


In 2018 the drop in entry-level pipeline to C-Suite pipeline for women was 26 percentage points.


The pay gap between men and women in the first five years after college…
“Because women don’t ask for more money”

1 in 5

C-suite leaders is a woman
(1 in 25 a woman of color)

(…) a “broken rung” at the first step up to manager continues to hold women back—and now the Covid-19 crisis is threatening to erase the gains of the past six years.

McKinsey&Company – Women in the Workplace 2020

The choices that companies make today will have consequences both for their organizations and society for decades to come.

McKinsey&Company – Women in the Workplace 2020

I believe that there are two areas of choices to be made by companies

One at the policy and organizational culture level

One at the support to individual women within their organization

This second choice is where can help

Here is why this is important

  • Even in the most supportive environments, women in middle management roles are still struggling with Imposter Syndrome, Fear, Anxiety. They do not know how to ask for raises, negotiate their pay, ask for a promotion or use their voices effectively in spaces of decision.
  • Even when they are not afraid of asking, often they do not concretely know how to.
  • At the senior level, 63% of men rate themselves as highly-effective leaders compared to only 49% of women exists to help women in middle and senior management role take ownership of their career path.

We work with your pipeline of female leaders to develop the insights, knowledge, tools and practices that will allow them to show up at work as their most awesome, self-aware, badass self.

Having talent isn’t merely about being competent; confidence is actually a part of that talent.
You have to have it to be good at your job


ChangeLabs™ are collective learning experiences developed by We have come to realize that community amplifies learning and we have developed spaces to bring women together around subjects that will help you grow and develop how you show up in your career and for yourself.

These labs usually run for 4 weeks and are a combination of formal training, group coaching, and community engagement.

Here are our confirmed ChangeLabs for early 2021

  • Imposter Syndrome

I have come to think of Imposter Syndrome as the silent epidemic that we all speak flippantly about.
You’ve certainly heard it before: “Oh that is just my Imposter Syndrome talking”, or you might even have been the one saying it with a nervous laugh.

Every time I have offered a workshop on Imposter Syndrome to women it has garnered massive sign-ups.
Every time I have run a webinar, the chat has been alive with “Oh my god, I feel that too!”, “That’s me, that’s exactly what I do!”
The truth is Imposter Syndrome is rampant in the workplace, academia and entrepreneurship. It is not well understood and discussed, and it has severe consequences. Read more

Upcoming ChangeLabs

  • Developing Self awareness
  • Practicing Self-confidence
  • Influence and Networking


Participants testimonials

“This workshop provided so many insights and aha-moments. How exciting to take a trip down the destructive thought lane and emerge unharmed, wiser and energized because we had Bibigi as our guide. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared.”
Trade Relations Officer and Honorary Chancellor, Consulate General of Austria
“A helpful workshop about an under-discussed topic that affects nearly all of us, with real life coping strategies on how to combat impostor syndrome.”
Anonymous participant
“Bibigi is a thoughtful and effective facilitator who is a master on the topic of imposter syndrome. She makes everyone feel at ease and offers a lot of food for thought. An excellent investment of time!!”
McGill University - School of Continuing Studies
“Inspiring, insightful, a workshop that not only women but also men should attend.”
Anonymous participant

Our Services - Workshops

How it works

Our workshops are predicated on the fact that
  • that COMMUNITY and SUPPORT are key components.

Confidence & the Imposter Syndrome*

Understanding confidence
Constraints (imposter syndrome)
Radical self-belief
Practices (learning to ask, raising your hand, taking small steps) 


It’s not a dirty word
It has no limits
Being strategic
Being connected
Learning to ask 

Embracing risk

The neuroscience of risk
Risk profiles
Fears and fact checking
Creating conducive spaces

Personal Branding

Understanding your current situation
Finding your authentic voice
Leveraging existing platforms (i.e.: LinkedIn)


Being strategic yet authentic about networking
Internal networking
External networking
Networking as an introvert
Tools: LinkedIn + “elevator pitch”

Power Moves

Setting boundaries
Getting internal support
Communication tools
The words you use

What people are saying about our workshops

Bibigi is a fantastic speaker. She is engaged, passionate, insightful and really fosters a positive energy.
A wonderfully crafted workshop that helps one understand the negative thought patterns and coping mechanisms they have, as well as how does one go about changing our internal narrative.
This workshop provided so many insights and aha-moments - who would have thought that these very recognizable feelings were a common phenomenon among the most successful women? How exciting to take a trip down the destructive thought lane and emerge unharmed, wiser and energized because we had Bibigi as our guide. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared with us.
This was an eye-opening workshop. I was feeling like I was crazy having so many insecurities. I learned that most people have it but we have a choice to work on it. This workshops was a relieve and gave a feeling of hope. I am ready to take control over my core beliefs.
Amazing. I cannot rave about this workshop enough. It was above and beyond my expectations. So many useful insights and practical advice for battling this as well as being so compassionate and affirming. I appreciated as well that the reasoning for it being a women‘s workshop was explained - that it’s not a gendered issue (men also experience this in equal proportions), but that the lived experiences and social context are different.
Brilliant. I cannot believe that I did not hear about Impostor syndrome way earlier. It could have saved me 15 years of self-doubt (at least partially). I think we have a realy responsibility here as women educate one another and openly talk about taboos like this.
EXCELLENT! Bibigi is such a great presenter!!!