Here's how we can help.


From Discovery sessions to defining Roles and Responsibilities, action planning or even setting common objectives, Facilitation is a privilege space to hold organizational conversations.

We love facilitating sessions + we try lots of cool techniques (art based, design thinking).


Change Design

How well do you know your organization?

Are you trying to solve the right problem?

With the right people?

Are you sticking a technology Band-Aid on a deeper organizational issue?

Through Change Design we model your organization as it is now, get the right people onboard to assess the issues with your current model and design a Future state (including when necessary processes, governance, systems, structure and people considerations).

We help you consult, iterate, decide, design.

It is a thorough, inclusive process from which you will emerge with clarity and confidence that you are addressing the right problems with the right people, the right tools and at the right time.

Change Implementation

This starts with a planning phase. We use the outputs from your Design phase to prioritize initiatives and then we evaluate them again with a change implementation lens: we look at things like timing, culture fit, leadership fit, capabilities fit. We evaluate impacts.

We believe in integrated change management and project management.


Change Adoption

We want you equipped when we leave so we develop a joint post-implementation plan and we coach and train you to develop long lasting change capabilities that will empower your organization.

Some of our training and workshops include: Facilitating successful meetings, Assessing your organization, designing change, Designing Change, Managing change, Managing projects, Developing a culture of collaboration, Developing an internal consulting culture etc.

We can also help you embed this change capability in your organization by supporting you in the development of a Change Management Office.