Own your story

 I believe it is by standing firm, from a place of self-awareness and strength, that women create the career and future that they want for themselves.  


You can’t brand what you don’t know


My name is Bibigi.

I know change. Intimately. 

I have known change, personal, geographic, professional, for all of my 43 years.

I have moved across continents and countries, reinvented myself multiple times, lived through personal, social and professional upheaval. 

I have made Change my profession. Studied it, got certified, advised leaders and teams on it, and build even a business around it. 

Today I am here. With you. Putting all my energy on the change I want to see and be in the world: 

Helping women take charge of their professional destiny. Own their story. Take their place. Step into their power.

I help you design your change, your way, on your terms and then…I help you own and tell the world your story. 

"At the senior level, 63% of men rate themselves as highly-effective leaders compared to only 49% of women"

So. What do you need right now?

To figure things out

Work it out (TM) is our signature 3 months program. It is a deep dive into yourself using a proven consulting methodology. You emerge from this program with clarity, a well defined brand and the support to roll it out and reap the benefits
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To be part of a tribe

Clarifying your brand and putting yourself out there can be daunting. Extremely rewarding but sometimes scary. Meet ChangeLab, our co-development program. It allows you to join a group of like minded senior women professionals who are determined to do great things with their careers and on their terms. 
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I am not too sure

Our À la carte offering supports you with targeted and specific services ranging from LinkedIn training to communications coaching, competency assessments, personal website development and much more. 
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